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Strasbourg Aikikai



Gabriel Valibouze Sensei

Gabriel Valibouze, 6th dan, Shihan, is Strasbourg Aikikai's Chief Instructor. He trained for 36 years and stayed more than 6 years at Hombu Dojo, where he studied under the Japanese Aikido masters, including Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei (1923 - 1999), the founder's son, as well as Chiba Sensei and Shibata Sensei. Gabriel Valibouze continues his training in California.


The members of the Strasbourg Aikikai certified teaching staff are:

  • Gabriel ValibouzeSensei, 6th dan, Shihan, Chief Instructor

  • Didier Hatton, 5th dan, Shidoin

  • Sadek Khettab, 5th dan, Shidoin

  • Daniel Wiedemann, 4th dan, Fukushidoin

  • Paule Helmbacher, 3rd dan, Fukushidoin

  • Stéphane Vogt, 2nd dan

  • Laurent Bertrand, 2nd dan

  • Christophe Neyhousser, 1st dan

Chiba Sensei

T. K. Chiba Shihan, 8th dan, is a direct student (uchi-deshi) of O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido's founder. Chiba Sensei is the leader of the Birankai International, the chairman of the USAF-WR teaching committee, and the Chief Instructor of San Diego Aikikai, in California. Birankai International affiliated-dojos trace their relationship to Hombu Dojo, Tokyo (Aikido's World Center) through Chiba Sensei.


The curriculum consists of taijitsu classes (empty hands against one or more opponents), and weapons classes, Bokken (wooden sword), Jyo (wooden staff). Twice a week, there is a Iai-Batto Ho class, the art of drawing a katana (sword), and twice a week we sit Zazen (sitting meditation).